The Advantages of Rooting your Android Mobile Phone

Rooting is a term used when you want to unlock the full capabilities of your Android phone by exploiting an operating system code. Rooting is akin to the computer’s administrator rights where you can basically install everything you want.

Since you will have complete control of your Android Mobile phone, there are a plethora of things you can do with it.

In today’s article, I am going to tell you the advantages of Rooting your Mobile Phone. Do remember that rooting your phone, although quite beneficial, can void your phone’s warranty. But, if you went in and rooted your device, congratulations.

So, without further ado, here are some of the advantages of rooting your Android Mobile phone:

  1. Custom Recovery and Custom Firmware- If you’ve bought an Android mobile phone from, say Samsung, there are probably some system apps that you cannot delete. This is actually quite annoying since these apps do take space from your phone’s memory. Now, in order to start fresh without these built-in apps, rooting allows you to install a custom recovery and a custom firmware. Now, by default, the Android operating system has a recovery and a firmware. But, the default Android Recovery is so limited in what it can do and the firmware will entirely depend on the phone manufacturer. Installing a custom firmware and recovery can only be done if you have a rooted phone. A custom firmware is a firmware created by someone that has a love for the Android operating system. Custom firmware is packed with a lot of features that you normally wouldn’t find in the original firmware. Custom recoveries allow you to do a lot of things such as installing custom firmware, making and using backups, among others.
  2. Install Root Apps- Since, by default, the Android operating system doesn’t allow you to tinker with the deep system settings, you are not allowed to install some apps that do tinker with the said settings. If you root your Android mobile phone, you will now have the power to install Root apps. A root app is an app that requires root access (hence you need to be rooted) because the app’s functionalities can only be used with a rooted phone. Some of the most popular rooted apps are Backup applications (such as Titanium Backup), Root File Explorers (File explorers that allow you to go to the system folder and check some files), just to name a few.
  3. Flash Anything Custom- As mentioned previously, you can basically flash a custom recovery with a whole lot of features than the default Android Recovery, and a custom firmware that unlocks certain potentialities. But, you can also install Custom Kernels when you have rooted your phone. Custom kernels are akin to a computer’s BIOS and components where it controls the hardware of your mobile phone. By using a custom kernel, you will improve the performance of your mobile phone tenfold.

There you have it, here are just some of the advantages of rooting your Android Mobile phone. If you just rooted your phone, go ahead and install a custom recovery and custom firmware and go from there. Also, install some root apps while you’re at it and an additional custom kernel wouldn’t hurt.

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