The Division Will Receive a New DLC Update

Many of the games today are updated with downloadable content. This new content can either be free of charge or a paid DLC in which you have to pay some money in order for you to get it.

Now, Tom Clancy’s The Division was once a heavily populated game. But recently, a lot of players opted not to play the game because of the fact that there are a lot of nuances that players have to face.

Some of these problems range from some weapons being underpowered and some weapons being overpowered. Although this is considered to be normal, some people gravitate towards some weapons, leaving other weapons in your arsenal untouched.

This presents players with not much room to experiment, since, most players will just go for the high-powered guns instead of the really bizarre ones.

Even though the player base is constantly dwindling, Ubisoft is still working hard to deliver a great user experience for FPS gamers.

In fact, they are going to release the first DLC update called “Underground” soon. What does this update bring to the masses?

As the title of the expansion suggests, the enemies that were present in the original game built a stronghold underground.

They are amassing their forces as well as improving their guns and other weaponry as well.

In order to establish lasting peace, your division will have to take the fight to them: go underground.

There was a recent trailer that was released showcasing the underground fortress of the enemies.

It was a little bit underwhelming because there really isn’t anything else shown in the trailer other than a preview of the map.

There were no new guns being shown, no new game mechanics, or anything else but the new underground map.

This also holds true for the patch news. Ubisoft was vague when it comes to the DLC’s information. They said that they are going to “tweak” the weapons in the game, but they were not clear as to which weapons get the treatment.

Will they nerf overpowered weapons? If so, which ones? Are they going to increase the damage of some uncommonly used weapons? If so, which ones?

It is this kind of thing that players become irate with a gaming company. The least they could do is give players a complete rundown on what to expect with the DLC update.

I mean, come on, this is a paid DLC update. I do not want to dish out a lot of money if I do not know exactly what I am going to get.

Also, I hope that hackers will be dealt with prior to the release of the DLC update. Hackers have become rampant in the past few weeks, prompting legitimate players to never play the PvP Dark Zone again.

If they are able to address that and also give us a more in-depth patch notes, then the Underground update will be good.

The Division: Underground update will be released on June 28 for the PC and the Xbox One Game console. For Playstation 4 game console owners, you will have to wait until August 2 to get the DLC.

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